Termites roaming on the wood
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The Household Item That
Can Keep Your Home Free
Of Termites
Petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, can be your non-toxic solution for keeping troublesome termites away from your home. It's not just cheap but also super easy and effective.
First, know where the infestation is. If it's in some wooden furniture, rub Vaseline on it to make its surface sticky and slippery for the termites to crawl.
An additional benefit of doing this is that the jelly can coat their bodies and interfere with their breathing ability, eventually killing them.
Once the termites are gone, clean the remaining jelly and any dead termites off your furniture. Give the wood a gentle soft-cloth polish to get it looking as good as new.
To prevent future invasion, inspect your house to know where the termites are coming from. Then, apply petroleum jelly to block their path so they'll stay out of your home.