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The Household Item That Poses A Garage Fire Risk
Oily, used rags often end up being stored in the garage, but keeping these greasy towels in your house can become dangerous under certain conditions.
Thanks to other chemicals and equipment commonly stored in garages, oily rags could start a fire. Combustion can occur if the garage’s temperature rises quickly on a hot day.
Due to a garage's minimal ventilation, the fire can quickly become catastrophic. Rags can also catch on fire through a self-heating process when the oil oxidizes.
Stacking greasy rags creates an even stronger insulative quality that turns up the heat quickly. Most rags are also made of flammable materials like cotton.
You can store rags safely by first drying them out on a shaded line or laying them out in the sun for a few days, until the oily odor fades away.
Place them in an airtight metal container, like a paint can, and fill it with water before sealing the lid. You can then dispose of the rags at a hazardous waste disposal center.