Two boys climbing over white privacy fence in yard
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The Hydrangea Variety That Adds Colorful Charm To Your Privacy Fence
While privacy fences come with a multitude of benefits, they tend to be cold and uninspired. Fortunately, climbing hydrangeas are the perfect remedy to bring life to your fencing.
Adding the all-white flowers of climbing hydrangeas to your fence provides a clean, neutral backdrop that can stand alone or complement other plants and flowers within your yard.
The deciduous subspecies Hydrangea anomala petiolaris is the easiest to grow, thriving under most conditions, while evergreen varieties prefer warmer, sheltered environments.
Plant seedlings around a foot in front of your fence in spring or fall. Ensure the entire root ball is covered by well-draining soil, add compost and mulch, and water heavily.
When young, they need a lot of moisture but require less as they grow older. Trim directly after the year’s blooms fade, and provide extra-thick mulch to evergreen varieties.
Train the plant to climb up the fence while still small using wire or trellis. It will eventually develop aerial roots, but the wire will still be needed to support its weight.