A closeup of stacked ice cubes.
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The Ice Cube Trick That'll Give Your Toilet A Deeper Cleaning
Cleaning a toilet bowl is nobody's favorite job, but if you're going to do it, you'd want it to be a deep clean, which is why you should include ice cubes in the process.
Ice cubes prevent the cleaners from immediately slipping and give the products time to clean and sanitize the surface, rather than just hitting the water line and dissolving.
Using this method, you'll spend less time working the product into the toilet bowl, which means less time doing this unpleasant but necessary task.
Simply put a pile of ice in your toilet until it's at your desired height, then add your favorite liquid or powder toilet cleaning product to the sides of the ice.
Let this mixture do its magic, and then flush the ice and scrub as usual. You can also scrub the ice against the bowl to dislodge any mildew, mineral buildup, or other icky bits.