A kitchen pantry with open shelves.
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The IKEA KARAFF Hack That Will Transform Your Kitchen Pantry
If your pantry needs organization, give it a stylish makeover by using IKEA’s KARAFF carafe to store dry pantry items and its FÖRSEGLA bamboo coasters to act as a lid.
Shared by @disenyaes on TikTok, the hack is quite affordable, with a KARAFF costing $1.99 and a two-pack of FÖRSEGLA costing $3.49. It’s also safer than using plastic containers.
Each KARAFF holds 32 ounces, so it’s ideal for most food items, excluding long items like dry spaghetti. Consider labeling the containers to track food expiration dates.
When covering the carafes with FÖRSEGLA coasters, ensure the beveled side faces down. This will prevent the coaster from sliding off and the pests from contaminating food.