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The Incredibly Unique Display That Shows Off Your Favorite Books
Instagram user @shesthecarpenter has created a brilliant way to display her books upside down on a floating shelf, and the result is nothing short of magical.
You’ll need a pack of 1-inch elastic, a staple gun with staples, a shelf, and your books. The shelf's size and book width will determine how many books you can fit on the shelf.
If you're using a shelf you already have, remove it from the wall. Start by measuring where your bracket will sit on the shelf, then staple an elastic next to one of the brackets.
Put one of your books next to the staple and pull the elastic over the book to make a loop. Pull the elastic tight and staple it to the board to make a loop for that specific book.
Measure each book's width for each loop, and make sure to note the order you're measuring out the books so you know where to put them when you hang the shelf on the wall.
Do this until you reach the end mark of the second bracket on the other side of the shelf. Once you are done, attach your brackets and hang your shelf on your wall.
Finally, hang your books through each loop by slipping them between the front and back covers. Decorate the top of the shelf with more books or display a few pictures or plants.