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The Ingenious Pool Noodle Hack For Propagating Plants
TikToker user @anti.antropology shared a trick for propagating plant cuttings using pieces of pool noodles to place different pieces of plants together so that they grow as one.
Cut your pool noodle into slices so you have several foam rings. Next, cut through one side of each piece from the inner circle to the edge.
Take several small cuttings (@anti.antropology uses three or four) of stem pieces with attached leaves and group them. Place inside the ring.
Fill your vase with water and place the foam slices inside so that they float with the leaves sticking out on top and bottom stem pieces in the water.
@anti.antropology advises that the water should be changed at least once a week. Wait until the roots look thick and are about one inch or longer before you plant them.
Fill a pot halfway with soil and tenderly place the roots on top before you cover them with more soil. Make sure the soil is firm but allows for water to pass through it.
@anti.antropology's fans found this tip to be incredibly helpful. "Love it. Think I might try some more tanks as hydroponic setups," one commenter wrote.