Pine cones on bed of needles
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The Ingenious Way Pine Cones Can Help Save You Money On Planters
To lessen the overall weight of your planter, fill its bottom with pine cones. This lightweight material will reduce the amount of soil used and relieve plants of excess moisture.
Unlike synthetic materials, like styrofoam, pine cones are all-natural and won't add any unwanted chemicals to your planter. Plus, they are freely available in your yard or woods.
The shape and low density of a pine cone adds air pockets and improves drainage to keep roots healthy. As it decomposes, the pine cone also adds nutrients and acidity to your soil.
Pick larger pine cones or ones with a lot of space between their bracts. Use pine cones that have already dropped to the ground, as they are beginning to dry out and break down.
Layer them at the bottom of your planter, filling up about a third of the container while leaving enough room for the plant’s root system. Then, top off with your potting soil.