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The Intricate Wooden Planter You Can DIY With Clothespins
While planters are on the market to fit nearly any aesthetic, they can be costly. If you want a stylish wooden planter for your home on a budget, make one using clothespins.
As shown by TikTok's @bonnieblings, disassemble your clothespins and apply wood glue to the outside of the two halves. Then, flip the two pieces around and glue them together.
Build two columns of clothespins, then glue the pointed sides together to create a wall for the planter. Create four walls, ensuring they're equal in size using an L-shaped ruler.
Glue some crafting blocks together to build the planter's bottom, then apply penetrating wood stain to all of the planter's components. Glue each piece together in a cube shape.
Next, add four small square wooden blocks inside to stabilize the plant, and attach the four round wooden feet to the bottom. Finally, you can place a potted plant inside.
Once the planter is complete, you can leave it as is for a minimalist look or unleash your creativity by painting it or adding wooden cutouts in floral, butterfly, or bird shapes.