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The Kitchen Color Palettes Agents Say Home Buyers Are Shying Away From
A well-known rule of thumb in real estate and the housing market is that money spent on kitchen and bathroom upgrades will be recouped when it's time to move. Hence, when it's time to sell your home, discuss with your realtor how you can make your kitchen color palette appealing to most buyers.
Home Light, a real estate technology platform, conducted an extensive study in late 2022 to find what buyers want in a kitchen. The survey shows that 14% of real estate agents say that kitchens with predominantly black or black matte finishes are the least attractive to the average buyer.
Similarly, 14% of agents also say their buyers are not looking for kitchens decorated with intense, bold color palettes. The study offers additional insights into what the average buyer wants to see in a kitchen — 43% of people want their kitchens to be neutral or have light color palettes.