Opened oven door in kitchen
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The Kitchen Essential That'll Bring Your Grimy Oven Doors Back To Life
Over time, your oven door can develop a crusty buildup. Thankfully, all you’ll need is aluminum foil, baking soda, hot water, and a microfiber cloth to get it sparkling again.
With this aluminum foil hack, you’re applying both physical and chemical abrasion to the stubborn buildup. Hot water loosens the grime, while baking soda causes it to dissolve.
This makes it easy to wipe off with the foil. Instagram home hack page @sandtproducts shared a video on the very simple process that begins with pouring hot water on the oven door.
Let it sit for a few seconds before sprinkling in the baking soda. Then, get a piece of aluminum foil and squeeze it into a ball the size of your fist to use as a makeshift sponge.
Once you're positive all the buildup has been scrubbed and dealt with, and your oven door is properly exfoliated, use the microfiber cloth to wipe it down.