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The Kitchen Find That'll Keep Your Hanging Dish Towels From Slipping
Trying to keep your hanging dish towels from falling can be frustrating. Thankfully, towel clips, which are similar to bag clips that keep an open bag of chips closed, can help.
To use the clip, simply fold your kitchen towel over the oven door handle, then place the clip over the towel and handle. The clip's rounded shape will secure the towel in place.
In theory, this should make it easier for you to both dry your hands on the towel and to use the oven, as the towel won't be falling off with every bit of movement.
These clips may not be a good option if you often grab your dish towel to clean a mess, or use it as a last-minute potholder. They can also be a choking hazard for young children.
On the other hand, if childproofing isn't a relevant concern, and you truly have a good use for towel clips, they can be nifty items that instantly upgrade your kitchen.