Stamped concrete patio with metal furniture
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The Kitchen Ingredient
That Can Save Your Outdoor Furniture
From Rust
Over time, rust will decompose metal and destabilize the structural integrity of your outdoor furniture, but there is a solution you can find in your kitchen: Just grab a potato.
The potato hack works against rust on metal furnishings because of the vegetable's oxalic acid — an organic chemical that transforms stubborn iron aggregates into solvable ions.
Simply put, this unassuming vegetable will help you get rid of the unsightly rust from your metal outdoor furniture without much effort or strain on the pockets.
First, use sandpaper to clean your outdoor metal furniture and remove as much rust
as possible. You can use baking soda and water to break down the oxidation
on the metal.
Next, slice a firm fresh potato in half and use it to rub along the rust-affected areas.
Once you see the rust coming off, use a clean cloth to polish off the surface.
For added strength, apply some salt to the sliced spud. Combined, salt and potato make for an effective
and budget-friendly
rust-removing duo.