A young deer in the garden
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The Kitchen Item That Helps Keep Deer From Destroying Your Garden
Using aluminum foil is an incredibly handy way of protecting young or small trees and shrubs from getting eaten by deer before they have a chance to mature.
Though this hack isn't deer repellant, and the animal may still wander onto your property, the aluminum foil will keep their damage down to a minimum.
Since the foil is crinkly and metallic, deer won't enjoy touching it if they try to move it with their hooves
or noses, nor will it be satisfying to nibble through.
The color can also spook them since the foil is reflective. If the sun catches it and it throws light, the deer might interpret it as dangerous and steer clear.
Wrap the bases of small trees or shrubs with the foil, covering the trunk to your waist so deer won't find a spot to nibble. This keeps the bark intact, ensuring healthy growth.