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The Kitchen Product That Will Rid Your Yard Of Unwanted Fleas
Having fleas in your yard
will not only affect your dog
or cat but could end up infesting your home over time. Applying dish soap can kill fleas and avoid this issue.
Fill a garden sprayer with water and add 1 ounce
of dish soap. Spray your lawn where fleas are present in either the morning or the evening when the sun isn't harsh.
Let the soapy water sit on your lawn for an hour before rinsing it away. This process will need to be repeated because it will only kill active fleas, but not all the eggs.
Once the eggs hatch, more fleas will make their home in your yard, so this trick is
only effective if the soap is reapplied. If fleas are still present after that, spray again.
Dawn dish soap has sodium lauryl sulfate, which dehydrates insects, making it highly effective for killing pests. Rinse your lawn thoroughly because soap can cause it to dry out.