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The Kitchen Scraps That Can Rid Your Garden Of Snails And Slugs
Although snails and slugs may look cute, they can be harmful to your plants by eating their flower buds, leaves, seedlings, and bark, and they can even transmit diseases like salmonella. Luckily, here are some kitchen scraps that can deter these pests and get rid of them without having to use any chemicals.
When crushed up, the sharp edges from eggshells make it dangerous for snails and slugs to glide over. Rinse uncooked eggshells, then use a heavy object to crush them into tiny pieces and place them in a circle around your garden or plants — don’t use a mortar and pestle to grind them as the pieces won’t be big enough to stand up.
Nutshells work in the same way as eggshells by providing a sharp surface that snails and slugs cannot withstand, and you can simply crush them up and place the broken pieces in a circle around your plants. Almost any nut will work, but avoid using black walnut shells or nutshells with salt as they are harmful to plants.