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The Kitchen Staple You Can Use To Clean Up Fingerprints On Your Walls
Cleaning hacks help to get rid of problems quickly and efficiently without breaking your bank, and here’s a brilliant hack to remove greasy fingerprint stains from your walls. As unusual as it sounds, try using a piece of bread to gently dab away stains, but don't press too hard or your bread will crumble.
This hack works great with the end pieces of your bread, and you can slightly dampen it to keep it from falling apart. Bread’s spongy texture is perfect for absorbing dirt and grime, but you can also use a damp microfiber cloth with detergent or all-purpose cleaner to eliminate the greasy stains.
Besides removing stains and fingerprints from walls or photographs, you can add a slice to a container with hardened baking goods like brown sugar to soften them. Easily pick up shards of glass or ceramic from broken dishes with a slice of bread, or place it on the handle of your knife while cutting onions to absorb some of the juice and prevent crying.