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The Laundry Room Feature Martha Stewart Loves For Optimal Organization
For a more functional laundry room, Martha Stewart says, "You can greatly expand the usability of your space by [...] installing some of these great shelving units," per YouTube.
Besides assisting with organization, shelves are great space savers that help store your cleaning supplies, reduce clutter, and free up room to fold and sort clothes.
While some may think that cabinets are a better choice than shelves, Stewart would argue that this isn't the case, as shelves keep everything out in the open.
At the same time, if you want to use both, install shelves above your appliances and keep your cabinets lower to the ground.
When shopping for the right shelves, only look for deep floating shelves, as they need to have enough space to hold all your products.
You may also want to choose shelves that have hooks or pegs on the bottom so you can hang things like mesh laundry bags, a small broom, or other cleaning accessories.