A person clearing snow off driveway with a shovel
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The Leaf Blower Trick That Makes Removing Snow A Breeze
If you're tired of manually removing snow, use a leaf blower. It can remove 1 to 2 inches of powdery snow from driveways and areas like doorsteps where it's hard to fit a shovel.
Use a water-resistant blower, like gas or cordless, with at least 400 cubic feet per minute. Dust and debris may be hiding within the snow; ensure to wear protective clothing.
Turn on your leaf blower and aim it in the wind's direction to remove the snow in a snap. Simply move the device from one side to the other until you've got a clean driveway.
For best results, use the blower immediately after the snowfall when it hasn't melted yet. You should also avoid trampling the snow, as it will only adhere to the surface more.