Large modern corner sofa.
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The Linen Closet Staple That Can Double As Protective Couch Covers
Couch covers can create a unique sofa style while adding an extra layer of protection against spills. However, using a fitted bed sheet instead can prove to be more affordable.
When choosing the right bed sheet for this hack, keep in mind that it will only cover the bottom cushions and not the back or sides of the couch. Mostly, a twin size will work best.
You may also need more than one fitted sheet to cover all the bottom couch cushions. If you don’t already have a spare bed sheet, you can purchase one for a cheap price.
While there are a lot of options, think twice about using a polyester bed sheet, as it can attract hair and may require you to clean your makeshift couch covers frequently.
Once you have your sheet, just slip the elastic corners around your bottom couch cushions to secure it. Ensure that each corner connects to a separate corner of your couch.