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The Little-Known Benefits Of Buying Toilet Paper Tablets
Rolls of toilet paper take up a good amount of space when you’re on the go, say, camping or hiking, but an easy solution is to embrace the benefits of toilet paper tablets.
Made of fibers like cotton or cellulose, toilet paper tablets are compressed to a coin’s size, allowing you to carry many of them without using too much space in your bag.
The paper is biodegradable, and some brands even offer reusable tablets. This version of toilet paper can also be used as a face wipe, a wet cloth, and, when dry, a fire starter.
Only a teaspoon of water is needed to activate a hard, condensed tablet and turn it into a soft cloth. However, being sturdier than traditional toilet paper, they can’t be flushed.
The tablets can be used to clean wounds, and if you add soap, you can wash up with them. For less than $40, you can buy Portawipes tablets or WYSI Expandable Wipes on Amazon.