House with a purple porch light
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The Little-Known Meaning Behind Homes With Purple Porch Lights
Beyond being decorative, porch lights can convey meaning, and purple porch lights have a powerful message: They are a show of support for victims of domestic violence.
With nearly 20 people in the U.S. physically abused by a domestic partner every minute, the purple lights signal to survivors that their journeys are recognized and validated.
In an attempt to bring awareness to this ongoing issue, October was designated Domestic Abuse Awareness Month, and in 2006, the Purple Light Nights campaign began.
To join the cause, purchase a black light bulb, which will emit a dull purple light. The Purple Light Nights campaign suggests using at least a 65 or 70-watt black light bulb.
Companies like Creative Displays sell bulbs in the campaign’s desired shade and may also offer a discount if you let them know you are seeking purple lights for the initiative.
Paying attention to the specific hue is crucial, as the Purple Light Nights campaign warns against using lights that might appear too light and be mistaken for pink.