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The Living Room Furniture Mistake HGTV's Shea McGee Avoids At All Costs
Living rooms mostly prioritize aesthetics over functionality. However, HGTV's Shea McGee considers this a mistake, as living rooms should be a comfy space
for the family to enjoy.
McGee told that living rooms shouldn't be unused 95% of the time. Even if you have a separate family room, the formal living room shouldn't compromise on comfort.
To do so, keep the space from looking too fancy. McGee says to mix and match pieces, buying individual pieces of furniture that coordinate with each other rather than a full set.
Additionally, mix textures and materials of the furniture, and add hints of colors throughout the space to make it feel cozy, going against the traditional all-white formal space.
Choosing pieces with rounded edges can also make the space feel softer and relaxing. Soft accent lighting with table lamps and wall sconces can also give the same effect.