A living room with a mounted TV, a couch and tables
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The Living Room TV Layout Design Experts Want You To Leave In The Past
Most homeowners arrange furniture around the TV for easier access to the black box and an uninterrupted viewing experience. However, according to an expert, it’s time to stop.
Nidhi Kapur, founder and CEO of Maiden Home, explained, “TVs work well when they're positioned off-center so they won’t become the focal point of all social interactions.”
This layout mistake, Kapur said, will rob you of quality time with your family. Moreover, having the tube as your living room’s focal point will dictate all social interactions.
For instance, if you have guests over, they might spend the majority of their time being distracted by the TV rather than engaging in meaningful conversations.
To prioritize human connection and encourage natural conversation, arrange your chairs and sofa to face each other, making it easier for people to relax and focus on one another.
Place low-backed chairs or benches in front of the tube so you’ll have a clear view of the TV, but when you have guests, those sitting in the chairs or benches become the focus.
Mount the TV at an angle lower than eye level, place it on a low cabinet, or situate it in an off-center area to keep it from drawing all of the attention in the room.
You can also place an art piece front-and-center of your space to let it steal the show. Showcase your envious art collection or display a piece with sentimental value.