White hydrangea in full bloom
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The Low-Maintenance Hydrangea Look-Alike That's Perfect For Your Yard
Hydrangea plants are beautiful and low maintenance, but there is a lesser-known plant that is just as stunning and even easier to care for: the snowball viburnum plant.
The viburnum bush can grow to be between 2 and 20 feet tall. Its flowers are shaped like round snowballs and are very fragrant, making them attractive to bees and butterflies.
One of the key differences between snowball viburnum and white hydrangea is that viburnum shrubs produce an impressive variety of colored berries that grow even during the winter.
As you would with hydrangeas, you should prune any dead or broken branches to help the viburnum thrive, and the plant can be used as borders for gardens and landscapes.
Snowball viburnums are sturdy evergreen plants that prefer soil that is moist and fertile but well-drained. They need to be watered once a week and require ample sun.