Stock photo showing close-up view of reseeded lawn rejuvenation after being sown with grass seed as part of Spring lawn maintenance. Oriental garden border with flowering azalea shrubs, Japanese maples and a Japanese stone lantern.
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The Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternative That's Also Weed-Resistant
Maintaining traditional grass lawns can prove challenging due to hectic lawn care practices. Fortunately, sweet woodruff offers a low-maintenance and weed-resistant alternative.
Known for its evergreen foliage and white flowers in mid-spring, sweet woodruff complements other garden plants like hostas. It also spreads quickly, choking out weeds effectively.
Naturalizing in USDA zones 4 to 8, sweet woodruff is drought-tolerant, requiring water only in extreme temperatures. Additionally, it doesn’t even need to be mowed.
Beyond its lawncare benefits, sweet woodruff has culinary uses like flavoring May wine or adding herbal notes to spirits like gin, making it a versatile addition to your home.