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The Lowe's Service That Can Help You Find The Perfect Paint Color
If you’re doing a paint job and need an exact color that can’t be found on a wall of paint-tone cards, Lowe’s is here to help. If you provide them with a small sample of your intended color, they'll find its exact recipe and mix it up right away.
Lowe’s can match the color of any piece of flooring, carpeting, or fabric, which can be extremely helpful if you're creating a cohesive color scheme (or need to touch up some scratches). With that being said, you may not want a perfect match between your walls and floors, so Lowe’s will help you find a color match that pairs nicely.
If you're looking to slightly alter your sample's color, Lowe's has several options to adjust paint brightness. The new color can be 10%, 15%, 25%, or 50% lighter or darker than your sample, which is a great way to keep your colors consistent without being overwhelming.