Swarm of mason bees on blurry green background
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The Major Benefit
Of Having
Mason Bees In
Your Garden
Attracting mason bees to your yard and garden helps flowers, vegetables, and trees thrive, and could aid in combating issues caused by the decline of honey bees.
Mason bees pollinate at the start of spring and are typically less picky about the plants they visit, which makes them more effective than honeybees.
Although they don’t have
a colony that supports a queen, female mason bees take care of their own young. This makes this species less likely to experience colony collapse disorder.
Mason bees build nests and pollinate in the area where they are born. Having
them in your yard aids in increasing the number of native bees near you as they continue to reproduce.
By giving these insects a place to nest and the resources they'll need to thrive, you'll not only help the environment, but the bees will help your garden as well.