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The Major Benefit Of Lining Your Kitchen Drawers With Aluminum Foil
If you don't like dirty drawers and cabinets, or suffer finding the right pan or knife in them, fear not; aluminum foil can help you solve this issue in a heartbeat.
Aluminum foil doubles as a drawer and shelf liner, allowing you to keep your cabinets and drawers clean and helping you avoid scratching your wood cabinets.
Aluminum foil will also act as a mirror once the kitchen light hits it, illuminating dark cabinet corners and making it easier to see items. Here’s how to use it in your kitchen.
First, remove everything from the drawers and wash them thoroughly. Then, cut a piece of foil the size of your drawer space and line it up before storing everything back.
Take the foil down and replace it with a new piece once it gets too dirty, or swipe everything using a wet sponge to remove any dust or watermarks from it.