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The Major Benefit Of Removing Your Doors Before An Open House
When it comes to staging your home for an open house, removing all your interior doors is an unconventional yet great way to create an impression of spaciousness and openness.
Doors restrict flow and continuity, leaving certain rooms feeling small and cramped. Without doors, buyers will connect more strongly with the space and visualize its potential.
A beautiful view can go unnoticed if the door to that room is closed. By removing it entirely, your home's best features are on full display, increasing your property’s appeal.
Bathroom doors can be left intact to maintain privacy. During an open house, keep them open to promote continuity while bringing attention to the room’s layout and design features.
Removing doors also calls your attention to areas that need a quick touch-up before an open house, such as door frames that have suffered from wear and tear over the years.