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The Major Benefit Of Storing Toilet Paper In Your Fridge
The fridge might seem like the last place to keep toilet paper, but keeping a roll or two in the fridge can help cut back on unappetizing smells.
In the humidity of the fridge, smells can quickly proliferate and become stronger. Toilet paper is designed to be absorbent, and can quickly quash any stinky smells.
The toilet paper absorbs any liquid particles, pulling them from the air, which helps absorb some of the internal humidity and, with it, those smelly particles.
Use a new toilet paper
roll to avoid any cross-contamination in your fridge. Replace the roll after a few days, and if it's not damp or stinky, it can be used in the bathroom.
For even more deodorizing power, pair the toilet paper with a box of baking soda, or use the deodorizing agents of toilet paper in other smell-prone areas of your house.