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The Major Benefit Of Using Windex To Clean Your Toilet Bowl
Cleaning your toilet bowl with Original Windex Glass Cleaner, which contains chemicals designed to cut through greasy marks, will leave a polished shine on your porcelain toilet.
Spray the product onto the wet surface of all of the areas you want to clean in your toilet, leaving it to soak thoroughly so it can do most of the manual work for you.
Direct the spray nozzle at hard-to-reach areas like the top and underside of the rim, as these surfaces meet when the seat is down and residue builds up on them easily.
Work your way up and out the toilet bowl with the spray. Put the seat down and spray the top of it, as well as the underside of the lid and back hinges on the toilet.
Put the lid down, spray the top side of it, the neck, and top of the back part of the toilet bowl. Spray the outer underside of the bowl and let it soak for five to 10 minutes.
Starting from the top, wipe down all outside surfaces with a cloth, rubbing the Windex spray until you get a clean and shiny polished exterior, including underneath the bowl.
Lift the lid up, wipe the underside and the top side of the toilet seat. Wipe the back of the toilet, and get into all the corners and crevices of the hinges with your cloth.
Lift the toilet seat and wipe underneath and on the top of the rim. Finally, grab a toilet brush and scrub the inside of the bowl, and then you’ll have a clean, shiny toilet.