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The Major Benefits Of Adding Ornamental Grass To Your Landscaping
Besides its aesthetic allure, ornamental grass adds instant texture and variety to any garden. It creates a unique outdoor oasis that’s beneficial to your yard and the environment.
Most ornamental grasses are known for their ability to resist or tolerate drought, so long as it’s not a severe drought. Cool-season varieties will require some water.
Overall, avoid varieties that require moist soil and instead look for varieties that thrive with little water and prosper in arid climates, like big bluestem and blue oat grass.
Despite being mostly drought-tolerant, ornamental grass needs initial watering in the first year to establish. Give it about an inch of water each week so it develops strong roots.
Ornamental grasses reduce pollutants in soil and groundwater, per Hoffman Nursery. Most varieties are pest and disease-free, so they won’t need pesticides to flourish.
The strong root system of the grass will hold the soil in place, preventing erosion in your garden, and will also encourage habitat in your yard for pollinators and other wildlife.