Fresh oregano herbs, closeup of mediterrenean oregano herb plants growing in a garden.
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The Many Benefits Of Growing Oregano In Your Garden
Besides adding zest to your food, oregano can help your garden yield more by attracting beneficial insects to its colorful leaves and its flowers’ nectar.
With insects such as lacewings and honeybees frequenting your garden, cross-pollination will increase, which, in turn, improves the growth and flavor of planted vegetables.
These insects will also take care of pests, like whiteflies and aphids, by laying their eggs on oregano leaves. Hatched larvae will then feast on any garden pests you may have.
This eliminates the need for harmful chemical fertilizers. Even better, oregano is a low-maintenance herb that helps build your garden's health and resilience naturally.
Oregano is also beneficial as a home remedy. Essential oil made from the plant provides a source of thymol and carvacrol, which helps combat infections and aids
in digestion.
Since oregano is a perennial, it returns in the springtime after going dormant in the winter and overall requires minimal maintenance once established.