Woman marking a measurement onto a piece of wood
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The Measuring Tape Tip
That's Ideal
For Corner Measurements
The biggest mistake made with a tape measure is neglecting the housing. The housing is the plastic or metal case it comes in — and not enough people pay attention to it.
The trickiest part of measuring a space accurately is when you have to measure into corners.
The housing plays an important role in obtaining an accurate measure.
Many people lay out the tape, and when it gets to a corner, they curl or bend the tape. While holding the housing in their hand, they try to eyeball the number in the fold.
The housing is actually meant to be incorporated into a given measure. Typically, the housing of a standard tape measure is about 3 inches, but the exact measure is on the back.
With a wall-to-wall or corner measurement, simply use your housing to fill up the end space. Note the measurement on the tape, then add the housing number to it, ensuring accuracy.