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The Meaty Snack That Will Stop Your Rat Problem ASAP
Rodents, especially rats, can be difficult to catch. However, one of the most enticing baits for rats that you may already have in your pantry is a processed meat stick.
These meat sticks are high in fat, and rats find them tasty because these animals like foods high in fat. Attaching meat sticks to snap traps are a great way to eliminate rats.
The snap trap is a common way to kill rats. It uses a simple mechanism, and it's easy to set with the bait, so anyone can set one up in little time and have a successful outcome.
To add bait to a snap trap, place a chunk of a Slim Jim on the hook that's attached to the trigger plate. Put smaller pieces of the processed meat nearby to draw the animal closer.
Another option to eliminate rats is an electric rat trap. These designs lure the rodent into a box, which delivers a powerful electric charge to the rat that kills it.
Place chunks of Slim Jims near the entrance of the electric rat trap and on the trigger plate by the back. Once the rat steps on the plate, the electrical shock will then activate.