Cinnamon sticks and powder in a wooden bowl
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The Money-Saving Tip You Need When Using Cinnamon For Pest Control
Cinnamon is a safe and effective pest control method, but it's important to know which type to buy for this purpose, as you’ll need plenty of it, and it varies greatly in price.
Its pest deterrent properties come from the cinnamaldehyde and eugenol in the spice, which irritate many insects and rodents, including ants, mosquitoes, rats, mice, and squirrels.
Of the two main types, cassia cinnamon is the most common. It's cheaper than the milder and sweeter Ceylon cinnamon, and while both are available as sticks, powder forms cost less.
For pest control, powdered cassia is a good option. You can sprinkle it in multiple places around your home, or mix it with water and use it as a spray to deter flying insects.
You can also use powdered cinnamon on carpets and bedding to repel fleas and ticks, or place a dish of it in your pantry or cabinets to deter weevils, ants, and other pests.
If you opt for the more concentrated — and more expensive — cinnamon sticks, try microwaving them with a tablespoon of water for 15 seconds beforehand to increase their pungency.