Several mosquitoes on a screen
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The Morning Beverage That Will Banish Mosquitoes From Your Home
Coffee grounds can be a cost-effective way to keep those annoying mosquitoes out of your home or garden because it masks the scents that these pests are attracted to.
Brew your favorite coffee blend, and enjoy the oh-so-familiar aroma filling your kitchen. While you’re waiting, find a plate or a bowl, and wrap it securely in aluminum foil.
Once your coffee is ready, pour a cup for yourself, then dump the coffee grounds onto the foil-covered plate or bowl, and wait for them to thoroughly dry.
Take your dried-coffee-ground-loaded plate, and select a level outdoor surface away from the hustle and bustle — some place out of reach of curious kids or pets.
Finally, add a squirt of lighter fluid to the grounds and light it up. You'll first see the lighter fluid burn off, followed by the coffee grounds emitting a gentle wisp of smoke.
Another effective approach that requires no ignition is spreading the coffee grounds on the lawn to create an environment inhospitable to mosquitoes, their larvae, and other pests.