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The Most Common Mistake To Avoid With Dining Room Centerpieces
A centerpiece is excellent for upgrading your dining table and making a statement, but ignoring your table's shape and design when adding it is a significant mistake.
Julia Sousa, an interior design TikTok user, advises, “Ideally, you want to follow the shape of your table. In this case [for a long, rectangular table], longer shapes work best.”
“If your table is square or round, opt for equidistant shapes so that it looks proportional,” continues Sousa. Simply remember to use proportions as guidelines for your selection.
You should also pay close attention to the piece's style and vibe. Have fun with it; be unique or artistic and see your centerpiece as a way to express your style and aesthetic.
Don’t let the table's shape intimidate you. If you want a round vase on a rectangular table, put it on a rectangular tray or runner and add a few more accessories, like candles.
Consider making your own centerpiece for a custom look, and get inspired by ideas from TikTok user @kayleymillerhome. Just remember, stay true to your aesthetic and style.