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The Most Effective Cleaning Method For Your Dryer Vent
Safety Precautions
Unplug the appliance from the wall outlet if you have an electrical dryer, or turn the gas knob to stop it completely if you have a gas dryer. Move the dryer if necessary to get access to the back, locate the vent and carefully disconnect the hose, and then unfasten the other end of the hose from the port on the wall.
Vacuum The Exhaust
Check for clumps of lint clogging the dryer’s exhaust, which is located in the back and bottom of the dryer. After dislodging the lint from the opening with a round brush or rod, vacuum up all the lint and dust that has fallen out.
Use A Cleaning Kit
To clean deep into the vent and clean out the dryer duct, use a dryer vent cleaning kit that comes with rods that can be attached to a power drill. After the lint on the inside loosens up and falls out, use the kit to clean the vent’s exterior part.
Use A Long Brush
After removing the lint trap filter and vacuuming the filter and lint trap housing, take a long-handled brush to clean out whatever lint is left in the housing. Next, remove the ductwork and clean the inside with the brush while wiping the brush head frequently in between.
Inspect The Hose
Before reattaching the hose or pipe to the vent cover, check to see if the parts are worn or damaged and need to be replaced. Once you’re ready to turn the dryer back on, check the exterior of the outdoor vent to see if you need to tighten any screws or caulk the edges to prevent outside debris from building up in the hose.