A sponge mop cleaning a path across a dusty wood floor
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The Most Effective Way To Clean Your Hazy Wood Flooring
Hazy wooden floors have a cloudy, milky appearance. This often stems from a buildup of product residue, especially from floor cleaners, rather than from a lack of cleaning.
To tackle this haze, consider using a glass cleaner like Windex. However, remember to select an ammonia-free variant, as ammonia can damage the finish and even discolor the wood.
Begin the cleaning process by liberally spraying a small area of the floor with the glass cleaner. Let it sit for a minute, allowing it to penetrate the
haze-causing buildup.
Scrub the area in circular motions with a non-scratch sponge, and wipe away any residue with a damp microfiber cloth. Repeat this process across the floor to restore its shine.