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The Most Important Feng Shui Rule For Your Hallways
Feng shui is the idea that rearranging your furniture and home décor will increase positivity and harmonious energy. The three most important places in the home are the main front door, bedroom, and kitchen, but it’s still important for hallways to radiate positivity so it can disperse good chi throughout your home while pushing out the bad chi.
It’s important to have a clear hallway so no positive energy gets blocked, and you want to keep it tidy to make your guests feel welcome when they walk through your home. Any clutter in a disorganized corridor allows bad chi to enter your home, and you can prevent this negative energy by clearing out your space.
Ditch any shoes, coat racks, benches, and loose items laying around your hallway, and move them into a different area of your home. Once you’ve organized your space, you’ll notice the energy in your home improve drastically, because positivity can flow freely throughout the house.