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The Most Important Place To Use Dish Soap That You’re Probably Missing
Dish soap is often an underestimated household cleaning product, even though it has the power to break down oil, grease, and grime while remaining gentle on the skin. This cleaning liquid not only cleans your dishes, but you can also use it to mop floors, clean appliances and jewelry, and even clean your patio furniture and grill.
It’s essential to clean your grill after each use for your health and safety, and so after scraping off food, fill a sink or tub with hot water and dish soap to soak your grates, scrub with a non-scratch grill brush, rinse, and dry. Inside your grill, take the same solution and scrub with a scoring pad or spray tough spots with one teaspoon of soap and a cup of water and let sit for 20 minutes.
Eliminate dirt and rust from plastic, metal, wrought iron, resin, and stainless-steel patio furniture with ¼ cup dishwashing liquid and a gallon of warm water. Check any cushions or umbrellas for specific cleaning instructions, and spot clean with mild dish soap or solutions including one part dish soap and three parts hydrogen peroxide or equal parts dish soap and vinegar.