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The Most Overpriced Housing Market In America Isn't LA Or New York
Los Angeles, New York, and Austin are often described as overpriced, overcrowded, and overrated, but homes in these popular cities aren't overvalued as much as you'd think.
According to data collected by Florida Atlantic University, Atlanta, Georgia, is the city with the most overpriced housing market in the United States.
An average home in Atlanta may be worth $238,500, but buyers pay almost $357,000 due to nationwide inflation and the city's booming economy and low unemployment rates.
According to WSB-TV, over 65,000 people moved to the metro area between July 2021 and 2022, accelerating the workforce and driving up demand for housing in a tight market.
In reality, the value of a home lies in much more than just its brick and mortar; location, schools, transportation, crime, and other facets of public life play a big role too.
On the other hand, Atlanta's thriving community is a major benefit of the area that isn't likely to disappear anytime soon, even if the inflation bubble bursts.
Out of 150 popular metropolitan areas, U.S. News ranks Atlanta as the 95th best city to live in the country, with the average cost of living there being relatively affordable.