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The Murphy Door Trend Is The Perfect Way To Hide A Room In Your Home
Murphy doors are great for disguising spaces in a fun, inventive way, and can fit almost any opening, as they come in designs like bookshelves or cabinets.
Depending on the room you're covering, you can find just about any secret décor to disguise it that will also provide a useful surface for household items.
These are particularly fun for disguising passageways or storage areas, and they can also cover day-to-day rooms that might not fit with your interior aesthetic or designs.
For example, hiding an oddly designed closet, or a poorly placed bathroom with a bookshelf can transform these spots from drab to fab.
Homes that feature smaller hallways or staircases can also benefit from a detective-inspired covering, and allow for more fun with decorating your place.
Any model you get offers more texture than a door, with optional multi level shelving, built-in shelving, or even a pool cue nook, and you can pick which direction the door opens.
The final bonus is the element of separation, keeping any room on the other side of the Murphy door enclosed, safe, and private until you want it discovered.