Outdoor patio with globe lights
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The Must-Try TikTok Hack That'll Light Up Your Patio On A Budget
Outdoor lighting can elevate a patio or backyard to a homey, inviting outdoor space, and with this creative TikTok hack, you can easily and affordably brighten up your outside.
TikTok user @hometalk showed a technique for creating a light globe involving two wire hanging planters from Dollar Tree, battery-operated twinkle lights, and some faux greenery.
To make the light, remove the chains from each Dollar Tree planter, place the baskets on top of each other, and fasten them together firmly with zip ties.
Once they form a globe, string a set of battery-operated twinkle lights through the wires, and then use hot glue to add artificial greenery around and through the globe.
Finish by reattaching the chain and hook for hanging, and hang it wherever you like. For different styles, try painting the baskets, or using artificial flowers for more color.
Depending on how you decorate it, the light can vary from a modern industrial look to a shabby chic style, making it perfect for any outdoor gathering.