Hot water running from a shower head and producing steam
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The Must-Try Trick To Combat Low Water Pressure In The Shower
Weak water flow can be caused by different things: a leak in the house, a clogged pipe, or the water heater. It also might be your shower head that is slowing things down.
If so, you can increase your water pressure with a screwdriver, power drill, and drill bit. To pull off this trick, you only need to know how to safely use a power drill.
First, remove the shower head from the wall, then use a screwdriver to pop out the washer. This will reveal the hole that your water comes through, which you will need to widen.
Use the power drill and insert a drill bit that is double the size of the hole. Drill a new opening in the shower head, put the washer back in, and screw it back onto the wall.
While this will make your shower experience more satisfying, it will also likely increase your water bill since twice as much water will now push through your shower head.