Sharp edge of a lawn and garden bed with flowers
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The Must-Try Weed Whacker Trick For Crisp And Clean Garden Edges
TikTok user @JustGardens shared how to use your weed whacker, turned upside-down, to easily clean up the edges of your garden beds.
Because the string trimmer can create straight lines pretty easily in this position, a weed whacker will give you the crisp edge you want between your garden and your lawn.
Hold the weed whacker in an upright position. Use the handle to twist its head upside down so the string's line spins parallel to the straight edge you want to create.
Hold the trimmer at a height where the string is barely touching the soil. Then, slowly walk along the edge, holding the trimmer so that the string is vertically aligned.
As you move, the string should chop the edges off the overgrown shrubs and plants, leaving behind a perfectly straight edge.
Remember to turn the machine's head so the deflector shield is between the spinning string and your body. Additionally, wear safety goggles for protection.