Jeremiah Brent (Photo by David Buchan/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)
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The Nostalgic Reason Jeremiah Brent Went Into Interior Design
In a recent interview with HGTV, interior designer Jeremiah Brent revealed how touring open houses as a kid with his mother on weekends has helped shape his career today.
During those tours, Brent imagined ways to fill the empty spaces. His creativity grew, and his craft developed as he took the time to explore and understand things.
Brent said, “I would imagine how I would change things around. I would put the kitchen there and [...] I would be like, ‘Oh, wow. They put a sofa there; that's so interesting.’”
He said, “That was a huge source of inspiration for me.” That imagination has since allowed Brent to create unique spaces that have earned him his interior design fame.