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The One Cast-Iron Cleaning Trick You Need To Try
Most of the time, rinsing your cast-iron cookware with warm water and scraping off any bits of food with a brush or scraper is enough to clean it. However, if your cookware needs a deep cleaning, all you need is coarse salt, a kitchen towel, and hot water.
First, pour one cup of coarse salt into the skillet when it’s still warm, but not hot. Then, scrub with a folded-up kitchen towel, and once it’s clean, throw the salt away, rinse the pan with hot water, and make sure to thoroughly dry it.
Another tip to preserve your cast-iron cookware for years is to never put it in the dishwasher because all the seasoning on the surface will wash away. In addition, avoid using metal utensils when cooking with or cleaning cast-iron cookware, and instead use wood, silicone, or rubber utensils.